Bagaimana Travel Ke Jepun Dengan Bajet Hanya RM2000 Selama 6 Hari?? Mari Kita Tengok...

Thank God we were able to travel to Japan with the budget and the expenditure of $ 2000 for the trip for 6 days 5 nights. The location of our successful Thrust is Osaka, Dotonburi, Garden Kobe, Nara, Arashiyama, Kyoto and Osaka Castle.
The budget allocated is comfortable and not too tight. The budget is perfect for those who can control the appetite and has the stamina stable. Many walking and cycling.
In the meantime, please make a study of the locations that will be visited, rail and accommodation. This is to reduce the risk of making a mistake. The study can be made through a search on Google and You Tube.
More and more made a mistake, the thicker your budget! So, control errors by making research on the internet prior to 'travel'.
This is because, while in Japan, 6 of these costs is among the most used. Control costs and many things can be saved.
1. Flight (subject always perika to be cheaper tickets)  
The cost airlines consuming almost half of the cost of 'travel'. Usually if we want to 'travel' with a minimal budget, hard-rajinkanlah see Air Asia website to get the price according to your budget.
Dah name also wants the budget, no need to buy luggage, bring a light shirt (jersey / than cotton). So, I save in situ, the budget for storage can be used for other things. Bring a small towel, space saving bag.
For Osaka, the travel period around 6 hours in flight. Before going to eat well-fed. But if you want to taste a meal in the clouds, may buy the food available on the plane.
2. Train (Tourist pass over the talisman)
Upon arriving at Kansai Airport later, buy 'tourist pass' more efficient and easier. Why have to do 'research' so that we know the location you want to go and how you want the feeling to the intended destination.
Jangn worry about communication, download only 'google translate'. Ask the people of Japan, they are very helpful. If you want more easily, ask the staff who work at the LRT station.
Google Maps is extremely important! Please download the reference! We can know the expected time to reach a destination and distance traveled.
To use a taxi, look for the yellow colored taxi, lower than drivers who black. (More cheap train ride, haha)
Please queuing to get on a train. Silence the phone while on the train. During the escalator up, please stand on the right. Left for people who want fast (running children).
3. Eat (Depending on your appetite and supplies brought from Malaysia)
Some people say, Japan's difficult to find halal food. Really. Perhaps also their food was wrong with our taste. But all of this can be controlled. Can bawak food flavorings from Malaysia, floss, anchovy sauce, sambal goreng and others. Rice can be purchased here. Delicious!
Time of my trip, I take Brahim, just reheat in the 'microwave' for 2 minutes and eat. Budget $ 100 for 6 days. There was fried rice, Arabic rice, nasi lemak. I got exhausted, the remaining time back there again 5bungkus, other friends are all gone.
While I was here, I only eat and drink dairy products, fruit and bread only. Drink plenty of mineral water.
When we were in Osaka and Kyoto, we stayed at the homestay. So, we can cook. Fried egg. Ok, that's it. Hehe.
4. Accommodation (depending on your budget and comfort)
The first day we arrived, we were staying in a hotel. Lucky Hotel name. Just today, we deliberately experimenting not to make any 'fees'. As a result, the hotel is full! and only 1bilik only! Then, the room is a barrel of sardines! A room-sized 7 × 3 stuffed 5 people!
On the second day, we got a room that lebiih comfortable. 5000 Yen for 2 days (RM200). Equipment is tiptop and comfortable!
On the fourth day, we stayed in Kyoto through Airbnb . RM140 for 2 nights. Comfortable! We chose the property based on the 'review'. I recommend to use AirBnB . Simplify.  
Only when you are in Japan Homestay ni, from 10pm onwards, they're sleeping. So, we have to keep the noise so as not to make noise (jirang neighbors)
5. Pocket Wifi (there needs to google map and not all over the place there is wifi)
Pocket Wifi is important, although all have free wifi access. If the line is disconnected, it is hard to google maps useful. After all 'unlimited' does not hurt to use. If you go public, the public, can share and save more.
At the same time we can use to check the itinerary, mines, roads, and others.
If you have a high level of confidence and well versed with the ins and outs of travel in Japan, do not need to hire Wifi pocket.
6. Shopping (follow the budget)
When we went, 1000 Yen = $ 40. Our intention is only to 'travel' so we do not focus on places that can spend money.
If you want to buy at gshock, find existing International waranty. Can look at Bic Camera, 2nd floor. Please bring your passport to claim the tax

This additional tips on how we save on the cost.
1. Change money in Malaysia, much lower!
2. Strengthen stamina before travel! When we are walking and cycling there, the more costs can be saved.
3. Eat to live, just stomach lining.
4. While we were in Kyoto, we bike to enjoy the trip to Arashiyama. 30km je.
5. Go in a group, 5 people comfortably, many things can be shared.
6. We bought souvenirs in front of Osaka Castel, 'fridge magnet' cheaper there than elsewhere.
Ringkasan perjalanan kami semasa di Osaka, Kobe Garden, Nara, Dotonburi, Kyoto, Arashiyama.
Osaka Trip- 16-21September2016
Flight Pegi behind RM700 Change money RM1,200 Brahim RM100 (10 packs)
Flights Umeda Sky Building 1,000 Yen
Mineral Water 100 Yen
Train to Namba 240 Yen
Money Room 320 Yen (1 night. After the split 5)
Mineral and ice cream 290 yen
Venue Save Bag 140 Yen (divided by 5)
Train 210 Yen
Kobe Garden 1400 Yen
Cream 350 Yen
Train 210 Yen
Megi and water 324 Yen
Train 240 yen
Dinner 600 yen
Lunch 750 yen
ice Cream 300 Yen
Bus 210 Yen
KopiAis 82 Yen
Pablo 400 Yen ( divided by 4)
Takoyaki 250 yen (divided by 4)
Eating Evening 360 Yen
Train 260 Yen
Bread 150 Yen
Bus 230 Yen
Sewabasikal 300 Yen
Raincoat 250 yen
Lunch 282 yen
Mineral Water 100 Yen
Bike Rental 300 Yen
Train 210 Yen
Umbrella 200 if (After split 5The)
Train 210 yen
Kfc 800 yen
Bread and Water 225 yen
Train, the Kyoto-Osaka 560 yen
SalahTiket 240 yen
Namba, Kansai Airport 240 yen
Mineral Water 110 yen

100 Yen = RM4
Pocket Wifi 150 Yen seorang (6 hari, unlimited, sewa di Kansai Airport)
Hari 1 – 16/9/2016. KL-Kansai Airport
Train tickets (JR Pass) 5 days 9,000 Yen
Hari 2 17/9/2016. Osaka-Kobe Garden
Rental Homestay 5000 Yen (2 nights)
Hari 3 -. 18/9/2016 Osaka-Nara
Bas 210 Yen
Hari Keempat 19/6/2016. Kyoto-Arashiyama
Rental Homestay 5520 Yen (2 nights. After the split 5)
Hari 5 -. 20/9/2016 Kyoto-Arashiyama (Repeat)
Air Mineral 100 Yen
Hari 6 -. 21/9/2016 Kyoto- Osaka Castle
Bas ke Kyoto City 230 Yen
We boarded the train  (other than tourist pass) because who wants to go not in the way. 
So, this is briefly my experience during travel to Japan. Although only 6 days 5 nights, a lot of new experiences that I can. Mainly about living culture of Japanese society.
Travel the world from a different point of view. Extensive travel, a lot of experience. Shoot!
Note:  What is shared may not be too detailed, it's just general information. For more detail, can google. There is a lot more detailed.

Source Of Firdaus Yasin